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    About Us

    IFA is a Cameroonian company whose objective is to contribute to the emergence of the African continent through tools such as crowdfunding and consulting (among others).

  • Crowdfunding and Crowdlending

    CrowdFunding and CrowdLending

    IFA is the first Crowdfunding and Crowdlending platform in Cameroon and in Central Africa. Through its objective, the IFA aims to allow people to directly finance small and medium projects that can improve their living conditions, sometimes without cost. IFA is therefore striving to encourage financial inclusion in Africa.

  • IFA MicroStock

    IFA Microstock Formula

    IFA has developed the IFA Micro-Stock formula. This concept proposes a capital market formula adapted to the characteristics of SMEs and the portfolios of low-income households. IFA aims to offer African populations the means to directly finance their own development, to get involved in the economic life of their country and to contribute to the well-being of their community.

  • Advice,Training and Finance Excellence

    IFA Consulting

    IFA is able to use its experience in order to provide facilitations to your enterprise (either moral or physical person!)! IFA offers advice / training packages, expertise, seminars, business lounges, monthly publications, etc. : a real private clinic for enterprises and/or companies. IFA use its expertise in order to to provide solutions / solve any problem you may have in your enterprise and/or compagnies.

IFA Consulting Formulae

The Auditors have the choice between several modes of organizing training seminars

IFA Consulting Offers

IFA Consulting, offers the following services;

IFA Acheivements,Publications and Supports Toward Education

IFA Consulting present its main tools / technics to support and inform the community about its expertise and achievemen


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